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If reading softens one up, writing does the reverse. To write you have to be tough, do you not? - An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Marie Lu, author of Legend, discusses writing her character Day and the second book in the series: Prodigy.

With all of these dystopian novels out, it is easy to see how they’re all the same (tyrannical government divides the people into factions to keep them powerless and half starved while the rebel forces may be just as power hungry and corrupt). What I like to look at it how they are different. Hunger Games has Katniss. Divergent has Bea. Legend has June and Day.

As much as I enjoyed Divergent and Legend more than Hunger Games (I’m not quite sure why) I still think Hunger Games is the best of them. Bea’s mind is different from other people’s minds, hence Divergent. June and Day both scored perfect on the government tests. Katniss is good with a bow, but she triumphs because she is brave and so determined to protect those she loves, not because she is special. 

I find it easiest to love Katniss because I could most easily be her. I did not score perfect on the SAT, and it would be a wonder to know if my mind would be Divergent. It is like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we are all either Dawn or Xander.

So I am very excited for Lu’s next book, Prodigy, and hopefully I will get around to Insurgent soon, but in these American dystopias, I love to root for someone who I have the chance of calling my equal. The American Dream has taken on new meaning in these novels, but it is best to be able to see that those that fight for that dream have not changed.

1 year ago